Zirker, Angelika, PD Dr.
Travel Narratives: Pilgrims, Heroes, Explorers from Medieval to Contemporary Literature
Zeit: Di 16-18
Ort: Neuphilologicum, 36
Beginn: 25.10.2016
This lecture aims at giving an overview of travel narratives from the Middle Ages to contemporary literature. It explores how travellers become heroes, how their teleology is determined by their being pilgrims, and what kinds of explorers we meet on the road. These narratives may focus on men and women, on real or fictional travellers, metaphorical or allegorical ones, they may be determined by a teleology or not, and they may be led astray, etc...
Literatur: An overview of texts and topics will be provided in the first session of term. All students are required to read at least four of the texts presented in the lecture.
Leistungsnachweis: Regular attendance, and written or oral exam (last week of term), depending on course of studies/module.