West-Pavlov, Russel, Prof. Dr.
Intercultural Education and Migration
Zeit: Mo 12-14
Ort: Weltethos Institut Tübingen, Hintere Grabenstraße 26
Beginn: 24.10.2016
The current migration crisis polarized opinions in Germany and has placed state resources under considerable strain. Above all, however, it has revealed significant faultlines and conflicts within society itself as underlying issues about national identity and self-understanding are debated in an increasingly aggressive manner. At the present moment there appear to be very few open, creative visions of how the present crisis can be transformed in order to make it work to the long-term advantage of all social groups involved. One of the sites where both the challenges of this current crisis will be played out, and where its outcome will be crucially relevant to the shape of our society in years to come will be the school. School classrooms both reflect and refract social conflicts, but they are also the places where social subjects are, to a large extent, formed, and where the societal habitus of tomorrow’s citizens is being crafted. The school classroom is one critical matrix for the society of the future; the teacher is an important actor in this crucible of future-making. In order to create a forum for debate, and to assist students to think about these issues, especially with a view to assisting teacher trainees to creatively confront with increasingly heterogeneous classrooms, this lecture series will invite a number of speakers from various social and educational sectors to present their views of the current situation.