Butter, Michael, Prof. Dr.
Reel Presidents
Zeit: Fr 12-14, Fr 14-16 Film Screenings
Ort: Neuphilologicum, 406
Beginn: 28.10.2016
This class focuses on fictional representations of American presidents in films and TV shows from the past three decades. Among other things, we will investigate what we can learn about the meaning of the presidency in general, and the figure of the president in particular, in American culture from such depictions, and how fictional representations, that is, "reel" presidents, shape what Americans expect of their real presidents. However, since it is an election year we will also devote a few sessions to the image politics of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Literatur: A reader with all required texts will be available from Kuhn Copy Shop a week before our first meeting.
Bemerkungen: Participants do not only need to attend the seminar sessions (12-2pm) but also the screenings (2-4pm).
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