Franke, Astrid, Prof. Dr.
The Troubles with Diversity
Zeit: Di 10-12
Ort: Neuphilologicum, 406
Beginn: 25.10.2016
Diversity has become a buzzword, an advertising slogan, and an uneasy reminder that the idea of homogeneity once associated with nationhood in Europe is no longer tenable. This seminar examines the roots of a debate in the US that go back to the 1910s when a large number of immigrants sparked a revival in the ongoing question of how much unity and how much diversity a democratic nation can or should work with. We will then take these early contributions as a starting point for examining more recent positions, most notably those that focus on the relation between claims for diversity and claims for redistribution. This, then, is a fairly theoretically oriented class and you should like to read for arguments rather than aesthetic experience. We will read some fiction; from the other books I will provide you with excerpts in a reader.
David A. Hollinger, Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism (1995, 2005)

Walter B. Michaels, The Trouble with Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality (2006)

Nancy Fraser and Axel Honneth, Redistribution or Recognition? A Political-philosophical Exchange (2001)

Mary Antin, The Promised Land
Anzia Yezierska, Salome of the Tenements
Isaac Zangwill, The Melting Pot
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