Hotz-Davies, Ingrid, Ph.D. Prof.
Queer India
Zeit: Mo 18-20
Ort: Neuphilologicum, 106
Beginn: 24.10.2016
This seminar will approach Indidan literature through the lense of sexual politics, specifically the issue of "queer" in literary works, testimonies, and critical work by Indian scholars and activists. In this, the very issue of the assumed self-evidence, historically and culturally, of a category like "(homo)sexuality" is at stake, that is: what exactly we might mean by thinking about a "queer India". The course will therefore follow the issue of sexuality and/in India both as a theoretical challenge and as an exploration of an archive of texts, testimonies, and opinions. In addition to the longer texts by R. Raj Rao, Hoshang Merchant, and Vikram Seth, there will be a reader of material at the beginning of term.
R. Raj Rao, Lady Lolita's Lover (2015)
Hoshang Merchant, The Man Who Would be Queen: Autobiographical Fictions (2011)
Vikram Seth, The Golden Gate (1986)
Suniti Namjoshi, Suki (2013)
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